Restore healthy original taste ,2018 electric cooker development trend

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时间: 2018-11-01

In the past, electric cookers were also known as slow cookers. This 'slow' word is mainly for its heating rate. A major cause of heating speed is the heating method. From the relatively early tropical heat and heat pipes to the current silicone heater plate/disk, the silicone heater plate is thin, the temperature is even, the temperature can be controlled, the power can be adjusted, and the energy saving is used. The electric cooker has begun to speed up. It is understood that the current power of most electric cookers on the market is 300W-500W, and the power of the products after speed increase can reach more than 700W, which can be turned into a small fire and then stewed after the fire is boiled. Slowly stewed, sizzling and bright. Make people enjoy a pot of soup more easily and quickly in a fast-paced life.

还原健康原味 2018电炖锅发展趋势    还原健康原味 2018电炖锅发展趋势

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