Is it too cool to go to the bathroom toilet in winter? Intelligently heated toilet seat to help you

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时间: 2018-11-01

Seat heating is one of the most basic advantages of smart toilets. The seat-heated toilet can enhance our life's happiness. In the winter, we don't have to worry about the icy seat. After sitting up, there is only one warmth. .Many people don't feel much about this function. They think that it is enough to add a cotton pad to the ordinary toilet seat. Although the cotton pad can resist the cold, there is no way to resist the breeding of bacteria, and it is easy to use many people together. Causes bacterial infections and other diseases, so the cotton pad is far less comfortable and clean than the heating of the seat.


 The seat heating toilet generally adopts polyimide heating piece or polyester heating piece, the material is light and thin, heating has no odor, and the heating speed is fast. The shape can be cut at will, it can be completely fitted to the shape of the toilet, and the installation is convenient and quick.智能加热马桶盖,帮你告别烦恼

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